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Stanllio e Ollio
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Se siete appassionati di puzzle vi segnalo un celebre film comico di Stanlio e Ollio, Il regalo di nozze (titolo originale Me and my Pal, 1933) di Charley Rogers,[9] nel film si genera una situazione comica per il fatto che, essendo l'ora del matrimonio di Ollio, uno dei due testimoni, che è Stanlio, si perde a fare un puzzle, e così dietro di lui tutti gli altri invitati.
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Brain Teasers

Besides jigsaw puzzles, there are different types of solution brain teasers, which require the structuring of a shape or the creation of a sequence .
Brain teasers have existed for thousands of years , among the most famous are: the Tangram, the Hanoi Tower and Rubik’s cube.

The history of jigsaw puzzles

The first jigsaw puzzles to be found, go back to the second half of the 18th century and were made for educational purpose , to represented geographic maps. The first makers were small artisans who painted – a bit like we did with this puzzle – the maps placed straight onto wooden boards, which are then cut into small pieces. Skilled workmanship and high quality wood, made the cost of these games prohibitive, so much so that, only the upper classes could afford to buy them.