Mode of Payment

(soon payment by all types of credit cards available)


With this system, after placing the order the procedure indicated below must be followed:
- The bank transfer must be made within 3 working days of placing the order (excluding weekends): failing this the order is considered null and void.
- The reason indicated on the bank transfer form must state: order number and date, customer name and surname.
- The bank transfer must be made out to the following beneficiary:
Elisa Genoni
Codice IBAN :  IT02A0760101600000009518569 
Codice BIC / SWIFT :  BPPIITRRXXX  (not required for transfers in Italy)
A bank transfer is generally credited to the bank account of the beneficiary (Progetto Grafico di Tocchio Giampietro) no earlier than 3 working days after it has been sent.
The order will be handled only after the sum transferred has been credited to our account.
To speed up order dispatch we advise sending a copy of the receipt to:

C.O.D. payment is available for deliveries in Italy only.
With this payment system, items ordered can be paid for at the time of delivery by simply handing the amount due to the courier, in cash.
If a customer asks that the goods be delivered C.O.D. to a post office, a sum of € 1.50 is charged when the parcel is collected.

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