Our jigsaw puzzles

Our jigsaw puzzles are made by printing an image of your choice straight onto a 6 mm. thick multilayer wooden board. This method preserves the typical warmth  and charm of wood,  both on the printed surface as well as when one handles the single pieces. After this process, the wood is hand cut with maximum precision.
Before being packed, our puzzles are thoroughly checked, piece by piece, to verify compliance with high-quality standards.

The shape of the single pieces
As you may notice from the drawing below,  the punched outlines that we have created are flexible  and original, which makes it more enjoyable and increases the difficulty when composing the image. 

Classic cut. Fantasy cut.

The important aspect of any of Elisa’s Puzzles is the total “interlocking” feature.
This term was defined by Bob Armstrong, a famous scholar and  collector of puzzles from  different historical periods, and shows how a puzzle can be dragged onto the table  without the single pieces falling off which, instead, normally happens with  semi-interlocking puzzles distributed by a number of puzzle-makers who cut them by hand.

The boxes
The packages that we have studied for our puzzles are of two types: in embossed card for smaller sizes (up to 300 pieces) and in balsa wood for larger ones. All packages are decorated with satin ribbon, if your purchase is to be given as a present.

Embossed cardboard box. Balsa wood case.