About us

Since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with keeping things tidy: my bedroom was the epitome of meticulous organization. This may be why I always found creating a picture from hundreds of pieces, each fitted in its proper place, a great way to spend some time. I completed my first 800 piece puzzle a month after I was given it for my eleventh birthday; since then I’ve done so many jigsaw puzzles that I have trouble finding new ones.
Then, one day a thought flashed through my mind: why not create new pictures and new puzzles for other jigsaw fans?
I involved some friends who are illustrators and photographers and together we put together this project: a site that sells jigsaw puzzles made from unusual images, out of a warm, appealing material like wood, with less regularly shaped pieces than commonly found in puzzles.
After months of tests we got the result we were after: an object that could be special to keep or a nice gift, at an accessible price.
Each image – in the size you select – is printed straight onto wood and then turned into a puzzle custom-made for you.
In some cases you can also send us a dedication or small photo to add to the picture, making a simple puzzle something unique and extra special.
We are constantly adding more images to our gallery, so make sure you come back often to visit us.